against the Internet slowlane

 Stand Against Internet Slow Lanes While There's Still Time

Big Telecom’s lobbyists tried to destroy the open web by sneaking new slow lane powers into a bill that has nothing to do with the Internet – and they could try it again soon.1

This underhanded scheme would have forced their slow lane plan on all of us – ruining our favorite websites and raising Internet prices.2 And users around the globe will be impacted.3

Allies in Congress have heard our call,4 but they still need to hear from you. Add your name NOW, and we can convince them to oppose any bill that would threaten Net Neutrality.

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Telecom giants and their lobbyists are trying to exploit the spending bill process because they know that the U.S. government has to pass this legislation, or face a federal shutdown.5

If successful, their plan would force many of your favorite websites into an Internet slow lane, making them buffer sporadically, and return errors.6And even if you don’t live in the U.S., many of your favorite websites do.

We worked together for over a year to make sure the U.S. FCC passed the strongest, most enforceable Net Neutrality rules possible (AKA: Title II). And by all accounts, we nailed it, and achieved something historic.7

But we can’t let them take that away from us now. We must convince Congress to oppose any bill that threatens the open Internet. Speak out now!

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This campaign is hosted and supported by:

The StopTheSlowDown Network is a collection of organizations from around the world that fought to win the strongest Net Neutrality rules possible (AKA: Title II) earlier this year. They consist of:

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* Countries including the U.S., Canada, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and The Netherlands have passed rules to prevent telecom giants from discriminating against different types of content flowing across their networks. Get more info by clicking on each country above.






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